SUPERPAY - Instant, real-time cross border payments

White label our interface or build your own

Application Programming Interface

Designed for clients who are building their own, bespoke front-end, our API is the best way to connect to the power of Superpay. It is simple to use and it’s built on RESTful architecture, making it easy to integrate.

User Interface

Built for customers who want to accelerate their speed to market, our UI  is the quickest and easiest way to get you and your customers up and running with Superpay. It is simple and intuitive but packed full of useful features.

Superpay is a programmable, multi-currency payments platform.

It is designed for retail FX brokers. 


Transactions are processed in real time. Funds are available instantly for EUR, GBP and USD.

Transparent, volume-driven pricing just a few basis points over the interbank rate.

Authorised & Regulated by the FCA, Funds held in segregated accounts at established UK and European banks.



Product Information

Unique Bank Accounts

Each partner gets a unique, real IBAN for each currency and each individual customer for the most positive user experience and product opportunity. Domestic settlement for GBP and EUR with SWIFT international settlement for other currencies.

Funds can be exchanged in real-time from one currency to another any time, day or night at the wholesale interbank rate plus a fair, transparent commission. Funds are available instantly up to 1 year forward with simple tools to manage drawdowns, rolls and cancellations.

Foreign Exchange Liquidity


All the functionality needed to fully automate the payments lifecycle is included. There is a range of payment options to suit your business, including bulk payments and access to local/domestic schemes to eliminate the hidden costs of SWIFT.


Platform administrators and brokers, with granular levels of permissions and control, can manage their customers on the platform, setting bespoke pricing and risk limits and acting on their behalf for transaction management, and generate performance reports. 

Regulatory Compliance

Comprehensive KYC/AML functionality, compulsory for client on-boarding and transaction monitoring. We provide digital document capture and authentication, OCR data extraction, external sources verification, biometric validation and behavioural analytics.

Platform Features

Add multiple users per account with different levels of permission for viewing transactions, exchanging funds creating payees and making payments with multi-signing authority. Payments to other account holders are instant and free. Fully programmable via API integration.


You are broker, creating value but paying it all away to your company? You disagree with the corporate model and politics and would rather be your own boss?

You have thought about setting up on your own but found the compliance and infrastructure requirements too difficult to establish and manage?

You want to concentrate on providing a dedicated, tailored service to your loyal customer-base, confident that you can deliver them the best product?

Our broker arcade is for you if you want to retain over 80% of the value you create and these questions apply...

Enquire today about the best wholesale international payments product in the market!

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